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Bowhunter Education

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1010 Fairgrounds Drive, Riverton, WY 82501


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Oct 14, 2023 1:00PM - 5:00PM MDT

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call if they have Questions 307-850-8242


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Joan Eisemann

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Event Policies:


Graduates of this course are expected to demonstrate their knowledge of the material presented in class and in homework assignments on both verbal and written examinations. The demonstration of skill in safe gun handling is an important completion requirement. The student’s attitude toward the course of instruction and the acceptance of the principles of responsible hunter behavior weigh heavily in the pass/fail decision for each student.

Wyoming Hunter Education Law requires any person born on or after January 1, 1966, to successfully complete a hunter education course. The following policies and procedures have been outlined so you will fully understand the requirements for successfully completing the course.

Attendance at all sessions is required. Due to scheduling difficulties, make-up sessions will not be allowed. If you fail to attend any portion of the course your certification will be denied. Students are expected to be in their seats and ready for class at that time.

The following areas of concern will be used in evaluating each student for certification.
 1. Class attendance
 2. Prompt attendance at class sessions
 3. Completion of homework assignments and worksheets
 4. Participation in class activities and discussions
 5. Scores on written quizzes
 6. Score on the final examination
 7. Performance on the firearms field course
 8. Behavior in class and during the field exercise
 9. Attitude

I have read the above policy and understand the requirements for successful completion of the Wyoming Hunter Education Course.

Minimum Age Policies:

There are no minimum age policies

Maximum Age Policies:

There are no maximum age policies


About the Program


This instructor led class series is for bowhunters of all skill levels interested in learning about bowhunting basics with interactive lectures, videos and hands on learning.  Bowhunter Education certification is not required for archery hunting in Wyoming, but is accepted by other states that require bowhunter education.
Students will engage in a series of lessons that cover bowhunter ethics safety and responsibility, bowhunting basics, game recovery and much more. Upon completion of this course, students will earn their bowhunter education certification which some states require for archery hunting.